Saturday, September 19, 2015


I'm really not so great at making goals and being diligent about doing what it takes to achieve them.  Jonathan Edwards must have been a pretty amazing guy to write and achieve all seventy of his.  Here are a few of mine (tentative, I will refine them later):
  1. Get some industry certifications, starting with Network +
  2. Memorize Romans 8 and 9
  3. Bible in a year
  4. Pray every day
  5. Become proficient in a programming language
  6. Become proficient in an IRL language
  7. Learn how to use Kali
  8. Write my wife love notes and show her more affection
  9. Read a book - any book (seriously, this would be a major accomplishment for me)
  10. Play the violin more
  11. Get better at riding a unicycle
  12. Some arbitrary nerdy project that I can talk about in future job interviews

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