Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Lion and the Donkey


The Bible reading for today included a passage in 1 Kings 13 about a Prophet who was killed for his disobedience.  Earlier in the chapter that same prophet was used in a fairly dramatic way to deliver a prophetic message to Jeroboam regarding the consequences of his disobedience, but then on the way home from delivering that message the prophet became the recipient of a prophetic message regarding the consequences of his own disobedience.  The prophet ends up getting killed by a lion, but the lion acts strangely after the man dies - it does not eat the body or attack the donkey, and the donkey doesn't run away.  It seems like it is a sign that the attack was ordained, not a normal attack by a lion who was looking for food.  I think the point of the story is that God does not treat one person's disobedience any differently than another's - and that no one can escape God's prophecy.

Today at Work

Today I learned once again that restarting Exchange services is always one of the first things to try when email isn't working (only if is completely down though).

Today in the Reading / Video Tutorials

Not going to happen.  I've wasted too much time doing other stuff.


I took a photo at the zoo a few days ago and Google automagically created this for me:

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