Monday, January 18, 2016

Free Will

I posted this in a forum a few months ago in response to a request for clarification on some ramblings I had posted earlier in the thread:
Yep.  I was focusing on choice vs. sovereignty in the sanctification process.  I was saying that to me it seems that after the point of conversion there are two possible extremes.  The first extreme is that the degree to which we become more like Christ in this life is entirely out of our control.  There is a war between the law of God and the law of sin being waged within us and we don't get any credit for the win or the blame for the loss. The second extreme is that our sanctification is completely in our control - aside from the initial act of God freeing us from complete bondage and thus enabling us to make our own independent choice.  This extreme leaves no room to blame God or the Devil for the sin or lack of sin in our lives.  When tempted, we have a choice and are not swayed one way or the other by any supernatural force.  We are responsible for our own sanctification.

So in summary, I can't understand how God can get the glory for our victories over sin without getting the blame for our defeats.  It doesn't make sense to me, but I know that it doesn't have to.  God doesn't have to answer to me or anyone else.
I'm doing some digging into different views on free will and may be posting my findings here in the near future.

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